New Solid is a motion design studio specialised in the concept and the creation of computer animations for TV, theatre and live entertainment.

VIDEO DESIGN  - Video design is about the creation and integration of video and motion graphics into the fields of theatre, concerts and other live events.
INTERACTIVE VIDEO CONCEPTS - New solid integrates video with interactivity. We follow and look into the latest technologies.
3D VIDEOMAPPING - New Solid has extensive experience in small and large-scale video mappings.
VIDEO CONTENT CREATION - New Solid is specialized in the creation of motion graphics, from concept to final renders. We use 3D and compositing software.
We understand the workflow of professional video servers. We have a lot of experience in creating content for pixel-mapped LED set-ups, complex 3D video mappings and large scale projections. We understand the workflow of video servers and real-time compositing.
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